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Welcome to our Llandudno hearing aid centre – hearshop.co.uk on Mostyn Street. We offer free hearing tests and wax checks at our shop and across North Wales by home visit.

We have state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment for hearing tests and for programming hearing aids. We also do micro-suction earwax removal.

We sell the latest digital hearing aids and offer a micro-suction wax removal procedure from £40. Home visits are available by appointment.
We also offer custom made noise protection from loud sounds such as shooting or noise at work such as machinery or chainsaws.

Call us for further information or to make an appointment

01492 551211

18a Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2PS


Iain Norquay

Audiologist Iain Norquay

Mr Iain Norquay, FSHAA is registered with the HCPC. He is from Ruthin and can speak ‘ail iaith cymraeg ac dw’in trio dysgu mwy’. Mr Norquay qualified in 1992 and then worked for private companies and the NHS before opening his first branch in Nerja on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. He then had a consultancy at the Sloane private hospital in Kent before returning to Wales to open a shop in Ruthin.
Mr Norquay has also done charity work for Ear Aid Nepal and was fitting new hearing aids for the charity when the earthquake struck in 2015.

Hearing tests

As we get older, hearing declines gradually and others often notice before you do. Our free hearing test includes asking relevant questions about the problem and looking in your ears for evidence of wax or infection. Our hearing test booth offers a quiet environment for you’re test, after which we will explain the problems with your hearing and what can be done to make you hear better. Any infection or medical condition can be referred to your G.P. otherwise we will discuss a range of hearing aids which might be suitable for you.


We offer a free wax check at our branch on Trinity square in Llandudno. If you need wax removal, we offer modern microsuction rather than the old fashioned syringing method.
We look into your ear and use a suction device to safely remove the wax without having to fill you ear with water to wash it all out. We also use a video camera to show you how much there is in your ears before and after so you can see, and hear, the difference. We will ask you to ‘oil’ your ear before the treatment to loosen the wax if it’s too hard as it is easier to remove when soft.
Prices start at £40.


As micro chips are getting smaller and faster hearing aids can be controlled from an App on your mobile phone and can be connected to other devices like your mobile phone, landline, TV, iPads or any WiFi enabled device. This will mean you can listen to TV, at a comfortable level for you without it being too loud for everyone else.
hearing protection

Hearing Protection

At Hearshop we provide custom made hearing protection for a variety of industrial uses from farms to factories. Anyone using a chainsaw, angle grinder or shotgun may be in danger of damaging their hearing if the noise is above 85 decibels. This means if you have to shout to make yourself heard it is probably too loud. Our custom made products are moulded to fit the shape of the ear and will only filter out dangerously loud sounds whilst still allowing you to hear conversation. All products are tested to the European standard for hearing protection: EN352-2.
hearing aid repair

Service and Repair

Many people have old hearing aids they do not use if they do not seem to be working properly. Most problems with aids not working are due to wax or debris blocking the microphone or receiver which we can clean for you most other parts for aids can be ordered from the manufacturers and fitted by us.
Hearing does get gradually worse with age and the aids may need re programming to match your latest hearing loss. So why not call us or bring your old aids in for a quote and a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can now be fully linked to your mobile phone, HD TV, landline, doorbell or any other WiFi enabled device that can be connected to the internet. The other option is to keep it simple and make it automatic which we can set up for you.
When you come in for your free hearing test, we will assess your hearing loss and show you lots of options for size, type and sound quality. Once we have chosen your aids, they will be ordered and when you get them a week later we will set them up. After seeing you a few times within the first couple of weeks for re-tuning, you would then have a two month trial period to make sure you are happy with way they are set up. If not happy, we can order different aids or give you a full refund. Come in for a free test and improve your hearing, you know you want to.


Tinnitus is an awareness of sound which is caused by the ears instead of originating from a source outside of them. Tinnitus is common to all of us but with normal hearing it is pushed into the background so we do not usually hear it. It can be brought on by a hearing loss, strong prescription drugs, chemotherapy etc. The inner ear is very susceptible to a clean blood supply and will not work properly if it has to clear away too many toxins from your blood stream. Also if you have a hearing loss the brain often tries to cure the problem by making you hear better at higher or lower pitches of sound than you should otherwise be able to hear. If those frequencies are too high for example and you hear a rushing noise, it is your ears hearing the blood rushing through the blood vessels of your inner ear which with normal hearing you would not hear. There are many therapies or tinnitus programmes for hearing aids.
Please feel free to come in for a chat and a free hearing test where we can also assess your tinnitus problem.